About me

Hi! I'm Aiken and I am a software developer from Slovenia. I started my coding journey when I was 7 years old and stuck with it ever since. I've been working with startups and other companies since I was 15.

I soon discovered I was most interested in web and mobile development, specifically information systems and applications like Facebook, YouTube, and others. I started learning by trying to understand how they're built and replicating them.

In my spare time, I love to help others learn to program. I pass on my web and mobile development knowledge within the Vegovacraft group at my high school, by teaching a Flutter and WebDev course available to all students visiting the school.



Open source social media app.


Startup bringing GenZ closer to companies.


Game made for school, where you save lab animals.


Simple image processing web application.


A Discord utility and misc bot.

Work experience



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